International students account for 3.6 percent of Chico State population

Most international students come from the Middle East or East Asia. Photo credit: Yang Dai

Most international students come from the Middle East or East Asia. Photo credit: Yang Dai

According to data collected by the International Student Services for the 2016 spring semester, 589 international students from 40 countries are studying in Chico State. This accounts for 3.6 percent of the total number of students in the school.

Of these students, 462 are undergraduates and 127 are graduates.

There are two approaches helping international students who want to study for their education at Chico State.

One is to acquire admission by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language, and the other one is to apply for American Language and Culture Institute in Chico State. After graduation from this school, the student can become an international student of the school.

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Cindy Mckay helps international students with any problems they may face at Chico State. Photo credit: Yang Dai


“The top-ranked countries with the largest number of international students studying abroad are: Saudi Arabia, India, China, Kuwait, Korea and Japan with 454 international students in total, accounting for 77 percent of the total number,” said Cindy McKay, an international student adviser.

The statistical report of international students at the beginning of 2016 indicates there are 216 international students from the Middle East and 150 from East Asia.

The most popular degrees these students pursue are educational and commercial science degrees.

“It is noteworthy that till the spring in 2016, 68 international students, who have finished their schooling, chose to stay in the United States and start their working life by (Optional Practical Training),” McKay said.

Iwakoshi Miho.jpg
Miho Iwakoshi is happy to be studying at Chico State. Photo credit: Yang Dai


Miho Iwakoshi, an exchange student from Japan majoring in recreation, will finish her time attending the college at the end of May and go back to Japan. Chico State has left an impression on Iwakoshi after she learned and lived here for several years.

“I love Chico very much, where everyone is friendly to me. Also the college life here is memorable. Every day I spent here is really comfortable and precious for me,” Iwakoshi said. “At the moment I am leaving here, I will miss this city very much.”

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