Reunion TV episodes are the best

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

I’m the biggest sucker for a reality TV show, and the best part of reality TV is the reunion show.

When I’m scrolling through channels and I see a show that the episode description says, “Reunion,” I immediately flip to that channel whether I have even seen the series.

Do you really need to watch the whole season when the reunion show replays all the best parts of the season? With the addition of commentary of the stars of the show, you will almost get a better understanding of the show than watching 13 weeks of reality TV.

Another thing I love about reunion shows is that most of the cast doesn’t care about others’ feelings when it comes to the reunion. During the season the cast typically hold their tongue or aren’t aware of certain situations, so when everything is aired out on the reunion show, EVERYTHING is aired out on the reunion show.

I love watching the “Real Housewives,” “Bad Girl Clubs and “Love and Hip Hop shows. Real drama is the best entertainment. Reunion shows are the time for people to really let out their true colors. A season can only be as good as the reunion show, so if the reunion is live, then the season was crazy good.

In a lot of instances, reunion shows will air never-before-seen clips. Or do what the “Real World does and have a whole episode dedicated to never-before-seen clips and call it “The Shit They Should Have Shown.”

Sometimes the reunion show can squash beef. People are seen asking for forgiveness or they “hug it out.” All is right with the little reality TV cast.

Other times the reunion show will bring up new beef that people didn’t see coming. Viewing the season on their own, the cast can see what people say in confessionals or in interviews. They can hear what was said behind their back without the whole “he said, she said.” They know for a fact who said what and what was said.

Often the most entertaining part of the reunion show is typically overlooked: the host. I know in “Bad Girls Club” the host, Tanisha Thomas, often has gimmicks and little punch lines that absolutely complete the show.

The whole point of the reunion show is to be entertaining. There’s “hot seats,” catty fights, laughs and reminiscing. Everyone always talks about their high school reunion — well this is just ten times better than that. I love me a reunion show!

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