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Six steps to snagging a perfect roomie

Deciding where to live can be tricky, but deciding who to live with can be even trickier.

Whether you are kicking a roommate out or trying to find new ones, finding a good roommate can very much be like dating someone. Although finding a new roommate is not exactly like how you go about dating people, there are similarities shared between the two kinds of relationships. Kicking a roommate out can almost be like breaking up with someone — it is awkward and not easy to do. When looking for a new roommate, there are many things you should consider before living with them:

1. Who should clean what is probably the most common dispute people have with their roommates. Someone is always going to think they are the cleaner one and they always have to clean up after everyone. So if a clean house is a huge deal breaker for you , then make sure you know or make it clear with your potential roommate to clean up after themselves at all times. No one can read minds, and a few dishes left out can look clean to one person and filthy to another.

2. Do not just settle for the first living situation you find unless it is an emergency or you have to move somewhere or find someone immediately.

3. Meet up with a potential roommate before you agree to anything. Make things clear from the start. It may seem weird to “interview” your potential roommate, but it’s better to find out if something is wrong before you end up living with them.

4. Having good compatibility with your roommate is very important. That is why college dorms usually try to do a roommate personality survey before they assign roommates. Someone who likes to sleep early probably won’t get along with someone who stays up late blasting music. I was one of the lucky ones who actually got along with the roommates they were assigned with. I now live with some of my past roommates . Their behavior is not as surprising to me because I lived with some of them before.

5. Knowing your roommate beforehand can be a huge advantage, but just because someone is your best friend does not mean they will be the best roommate. You are looking for someone to live with and split the bills with, not someone who will go out and party with you. We all have flaws and strengths, and no roommate will be perfect.

6. Your home should feel like a home, not like a house filled with a bunch of uncomfortable strangers. With all the stress that college can bring, the last thing you need is additional strife at home.

Every dish will most likely not be washed right away, and sometimes your roommate will have people over when you want to study, but that’s the price that comes with having a roommate. At least they help make your rent cheaper.


Kristina Martinez can be reached at [email protected] or @kristinacsuc on Twitter.

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