White isn’t always right


Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

First thing I want to say is if you’re white and sensitive, hit that back button. This is not an article you’ll want to read.

Now with that being said, I’m going to be talking about how I dislike the fact that I’m white and how white people irritate me in general.

Before I get into more of the serious reasons why, let me just talk about the social media aspect. Twitter is full of memes and posts about white people being crazy, weird, ruining things and so on. White people think it’s a great idea to take a good song, put a stupid electric beat over it and remix it thinking they’re making it better. In reality, you ruined my song and now I’m angry.

White people also think they can go ahead and try the latest dance. Don’t. Please don’t hit the quan. You can whip yourself out of this trend and change the way you sneeze, because the dab is not for you.

What you can do is dissect the exact percentage of what country you are from. They love talking about how they are 20 percent Scottish, 30 percent German, 15 percent Dutch and 35 percent Swedish. What you really are is 100 percent annoying and you need to stop.

No joke, white people’s favorite question is, “What are you?”

I’m white.

“Yeah but like what else? What are you mixed with? Are you sure you’re not a little bit Mexican?”

Am I sure? Am I mixed? Do you really want me to not be white so bad you reassigned me a different race? I understand that white people don’t want to claim me, but I can’t claim another ethnicity or race. We all saw the last white girl who tried to claim she was a different race, and I really don’t want to go down like she did.

When people tell me the benefits of being white, I just stop and look at them in disgust. I should be proud of white privilege? No thank you. I’ve seen my best friend work her butt off with three jobs, 21 units and making the dean’s list every semester. But I’m supposed to get the career. That doesn’t make me comfortable.

I came out of the womb the same way as everyone else; I don’t deserve any special treatment. I should work just as hard as anyone else. I should be following laws the same ways as everyone else. I don’t want white privilege. It makes me feel dirty.

How did white people put themselves on top of the hierarchy? We’re like the popular girl in high school that no one actually likes, but she nominated herself as the head cheerleader and now thinks she runs the school. We didn’t do anything to deserve the top.

We have persecuted and put down everyone else just to feel empowered. The worst part about all this is with Trump winning all these states, it suggests that many white Americans are still as racist as before the Civil Rights movement.

We’ve been putting down other races for generations. Yet now white people want to make it trendy to wear braids, get butt lifts, lip injections and put on a damn sombrero and shout “HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO” while you drink a margarita. You guys think this is showing that you’re not racist, but you’re actually doing the opposite.

I’ve been told I’m tainted or foul for hanging around people that aren’t the same race as me. I feel more comfortable with them than being in a crowd full of white people.

White skin was created because we moved into colder climates and our darker pigments didn’t need to protect us from the sun anymore. For those that don’t understand, that’s how our white skin was created: a mutation. We came from the people that you’ve been putting down. We’re no different at the end of the day, so stop acting like you’re better.

Brittany McClintock can be reached at [email protected] or @B_McClintock17 on Twitter.