Basic tattoos take over the student body


Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Infinity signs, dream catchers, compasses and baby elephants are just some of the very basic tattoos that unfortunately have taken over the student body.

Perhaps originality is no longer a valued quality when it comes to committing to tattoos. In fact, most people chose their tattoos based on pictures they find online, meaning they’ve already been inked on someone else’s body.

I get it, we are all a bunch of trend followers, but shouldn’t we value permanently changing our bodies appearances a bit more?

When did tattoos become so basic?

If you ask me, it was somewhere between the bashing on tramp stamps and embracing of little wrist anchors. At this point, getting a tramp stamp might even be a more unique way to go.

I am sure that there are fewer people currently still living with tramp stamps than under boob cursive quotes and such. We all know those under boob tattoos Rihanna so wrongly convinced every girl they could pull off just as well as her.

Sure nothing in life lasts forever, but I’m sure that infinity sign on your ankle will last just as long as you do. Also, finger and hand tattoos have to be the most daring considering they are always exposed. What better way of reminding yourself which finger to pinky promise with than to tattoo the word “promise” onto it.

Aside from lack of originality when it comes to the actual tattoos people are getting these days, even their placements have become repetitive. Trust me I get it our bodies only have so many places for a tattoo, but its looking like we’ve done it all.

When I tell people that I have zero tattoos they almost never believe me. I usually get the look you give someone when you think they’re lying due to regret, so you decide not to ask any further. But really, I don’t. No “ragrets” here.

Over-inked bodies used to only be appropriate on certain people, with certain professions. Obviously this is no longer the case. Simple and subtle don’t seem to quite cut it any more either. Just the other day I witnessed two police officers patrolling an area, both rocking full sleeves under their uniforms.

Tattoos have become so common that they really can’t say anything about who you are or even what you do for a living. It’s no longer just the rebels, gangsters and rappers. It’s mothers, doctors and even professors.

Some of the dopest tattoos I’ve seen on campus have been those of our very own professors. This just goes to show how tattoo styles and tattoo culture has managed to evolve.

Anyone can get them, most people have them and if you don’t already then you’re most likely planning on it. No shame in embracing it. It’s too late now, the ink has already dried and your basic tattoo has become permanent.

Mina Marjanovic can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_news on Twitter.