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Apple is losing innovation

Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Many people don’t know this, but Apple was the first company to bring the mouse to modern computers. Apple is also responsible for changing the music industry when they released the iPod, making thousands of songs available right in your pocket.

This company brought touchscreen devices to the market when they released the first iPhone. So when I heard the only changes made to the iPhone SE were that it is a little faster, has a slightly different display, better camera, slightly better battery, and is just a little more durable, I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing.

Sadly it looks like Apple has lost its innovative edge. All these upgrades in the latest iPhone are impressive, I suppose, but where are all the new features?

I always look forward to Apple unveiling their newest device because there is usually something I haven’t seen before. In the past few years, there hasn’t been anything exciting to talk about when it comes to new Apple products.

Forbes releases a “100 Most Innovative Companies” list every year. Just five years ago in 2011 Apple landed 5th place. Slowly Apple has dropped in the ranks and last year they weren’t even on Forbes list.

The company still dominates the market, beating out both Android and Samsung. I still see people walking around campus with some sort of Apple product. However, Apple products are on a decline. Last year’s revenue for the company was $1.4 billion below their projected earnings.

The problem is that the company isn’t coming out with anything all that game-changing.

This new iPhone is water resistant, just like the Samsung and Android phones have been for a while. The wireless headphones are cool, except now everyone’s wired headphones don’t work.

I’m waiting for them to come up with something revolutionary .

What made Apple lose their unique sense for revolutionary ideas? In 2011 when Apple was 5th on Forbes’ list CEO of the company, Steve Jobs, passed away late that year.

Even though countless books and movies have been made about him, the quality Jobs’ brought to the company went unnoticed by the general public. The whole world was shaken by his death and many knew that the company would suffer, but the results of his absence are just now coming to light.

Jobs wasn’t the greatest programmer or engineer, but he was the man behind the vision and knew what the next big step would be for technology. Without him Apple has blended into every other company, making slight improvements each year without releasing anything to change the industry.

Who else can come up with something like the iCloud or Siri? What company will have the next breakthrough for modern technology?

Apple has always stood out as a company, standing above everyone else and leading the way on how we use technology. However they have lost their innovation and with it lost their position as leaders, leaving all of us at a loss of what to expect for the future. I’m looking for the next big thing. If I could tell you what that is, I would. The only problem is that Apple hasn’t told me what it is yet.

Jeff Guzman can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_news on Twitter.

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