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Police ensure less chaos

Traditionally, Halloween is one of the biggest and craziest weekends in Chico.

It is easily the most crowded holiday weekend of the year, exceeding Ceasar Chavez Day. The influx of people is usually due to a mass amount of out-of-towners.

The Chico Police Department and University Police have acknowledged that most of the vandalism and crime that happens during Halloween weekend is due to visitors in Chico.

In the past, the Chico Police usually bring in cops from other universities for crowd control. This year the police were unable to secure the extra hands.

Despite this, they are confident that they will have enough officers positioned to ensure resident safety.

In recent years, the increased police activity has put an end to most large parties that might get out of control or dangerous.

Although students may not appreciate the jump in police presence, it is important that the safety of the students and residents is put first.

The “Keep it Chico” campaign urges students not to invite their out of town friends but has gained little traction.

The tendency of Halloween to get out of control is higher due to it being celebrated on a weekend unlike Ceaser Chavez Day, which usually falls on a weekday.

The aftermath of Halloween results in consequences for both residents and students because they have to deal with the chaos and cleanup during and after the holiday.

Chico Police has not acknowledged the ongoing threats of clowns that have been terrorizing universities nationwide.

Both University and Chico Police’s efforts in the past few years have been successful in lowering crime. Police expect to maintain order even without the additional officers needed in the past to ensure student’s safety.

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