America inching toward Civil War


Photo credit: Katia Berg

It’s been something that should have been in the back of American’s heads since Hillary and President Donald Trump were both nominated as the primary candidates to become the President of the United States. How much closer to a civil war are we?

If Bernie Sanders had won the democratic nomination, the people on both sides of the political spectrum would be at ease with the fact that he would not have wanted to go to war at any cost.

Although he may have had an unfavorable approach to foreign policy to some American’s liking, no potential threat of civil war between ideologies would be at stake. Bernie was your classic isolationist and did not want to get involved with any conflicts in the middle east.

Hillary had a tense relationship with Russia and worries of a third world war would have certainly come about if she had been elected. Her position on the entire proxy war of Syria was potentially very dangerous, but she was unable to secure the election.

Trump, however, has seemed to ease the tension between Russia and the U.S., but with the recent resignation of Gen. Flynn, tensions may be very high again. These factors are definite foreshadows of Trump putting American lives in danger. But so far the most common acts of violence under his presidency are citizens protesting the president himself.

This is not to say conservatives wouldn’t have poked fun at Sanders as their president-elect, but there wouldn’t have been as much of a profound response as we are seeing to Trump. There were no riots from the right when former President Barack Obama won the elections in 2008 and 2012.

Protesters in Los Angeles were calling for “blood to be lost” after Trump was elected. Tensions between ethnic groups echo across the nation. It seems as if there is no safe space to address race, religion or human rights.

These are all warning signs that we are headed towards a violent revolution, perhaps one that lasts until one party is considered superior. That is where the question arises as to what each party will do to prove that their beliefs are more valid than the opposition.

There was recently an incident in Missouri where a sixth grader was physically assaulted by other students his age for wearing a “make America great again” baseball cap. This is a first-hand reflection of the divide in our nation. We can be assured that instilling animosity towards the other party in our children will lead to a revolutionary split within this presidency.

A crucial contributing factor to this widespread of hateful behavior is the prominence of people’s opinions being displayed on social media. It is important to make the distinction that there will be no confederates or union soldiers fighting in a possible upcoming civil war. A lot of this war is already being fought with fingers furiously thumbing an LCD touch screen.

The concept of a country divided is only further proof that history repeats itself. Something to keep in mind that this time around we have weapons of mass destruction, misleading media and misinformed citizens.

Roberto Fonseca can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_news on Twitter.