The price of being a teacher


Photo credit: Katia Berg

Most kids aspiring to be teachers today typically hear the same things from their parents: “that’s a good job if you want to starve.”

Teachers don’t make as much money as they should. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, community college professors make about $72,470 a year.

However, according to transparent California, instructors at Butte Community College can make up to $110,000 including benefits. Professors at the California State University level struggle to receive consistent pay of that caliber.

Students with the financial ability and appropriate academic markings attend universities, whether it is a state college or UC. For the people who can’t afford it or can’t meet grade requirements, they are forced to make up a few credits at a community colleges.

By those standards, professors at the state level should be making more than those at the community level. It costs more for students to go to a state school compared to a community college, so the salary for instructing higher level classes should be increased.

Butte College claims to offer more personable teachers, closer instructor-student relationships and higher levels of hands on learning compared to Chico State.

The ability to communicate with teachers and form close relationships drives students to learn. People are often fearful of what their college experience will consist of, and having professors guide us through it is an important part of higher education.

Butte College states that they “administer a comprehensive benefit and salary package for eligible regular employees to include generous health and leave plans.” The salary that their professors receive shows an appreciation for their teachers.

Professors deserve a higher salary. They pave a path to the future of the entire educated youth and they are underappreciated. So whether it be at Butte College or at Chico State, pay teachers to mold our future leaders.

Kyra Stemplinger can be reached at [email protected] or @TheOrion_News on Twitter.