Small town vibes for a big city woman


Molly Spink

Bachelor of Communication

Grad year: 2017

“On a 13-hour flight across the ocean, I wondered what to expect in Chico,” senior communication studies major Molly Spink said. “Coming from New Zealand where the number of sheep outnumber the people, America always seemed a world away. Just a couple of years ago I never would have expected to find myself traveling to a small town in California where I knew no one, to live and study for five months. I chose California with promises from Katy Perry of a golden coast and palm trees. She did not disappoint. I was a little anxious about moving to Chico as I have never lived in such a small town but I quickly came to love the Chico vibe where I could expect to see someone I knew in every restaurant, cafe or bar I went to. Everyone I met was incredibly welcoming and hospitable, offering to take me on trips to various waterfalls and lakes, or offering me a place to stay when I was next in their hometown. Chico proved to be a great center point for weekends away on day trips. Adventure Outings helped me explore the nature Northern California had to offer with a paddle boarding trip up the Sacramento River and a canoe trip through Iron Canyon. The small community in Chico made me feel at home so quickly and it’s now a place I consider a home away from home.”

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