Tuition increase would fund $75 million Graduation Initiative


Chico State’s graduation rates. Photo credit: Daniel Wright

Currently, the 2025 graduation initiative is unfunded in the CSU system’s budget, but a proposed 5 percent tuition increase system-wide would fully fund the $75 million program.

This initiative is a program created to increase the graduation rates for first year and transfer students. It aims to close the achievement gap by 2025.

In July, Gov. Jerry Brown allocated a one-time amount of $35 million, contingent on all CSU creating plans to increase graduation rates.

Chico State’s plan aims to increase graduation rates for:

· First year 6-Year Graduation 64 to 74 percent

· First year 4-Year Graduation 26 to 41 percent

· Transfer 2-Year Graduation 31 to 43 percent

· Transfer 4-Year Graduation 76 to 86 percent

And to narrow the achievement gap:

· Gap – Underrepresented Minority 9 percent to 0 percent

· Gap – Pell 10 percent to 0 percent

In the plan, approved by President Hutchinson, Chico state outlined both long-term and short-term plans to reach their proposed goals. The plans create a total cost of $1.3 million.

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