Spring break-in affects multiple students


Another room of the building shows the bed being used and the chair covered in clothing. Photo credit: Colton Mortansen

A house on Hazel Street was burglarized during spring break with majority of the tenants property stolen.

The incident was discovered March 18 by Colton Mortansen, a student from Chico State.

Mortansen along with his four other roommates attend the university, but he was the first person to witness the crime when he entered the home. The interior of the building had clothes on the floor, disorganized mattresses and broken glass.

Third room broken into
The room of Logan Testeraen has a broken chair flopped upside down and cardboard boxes on top of his bed. Photo credit: Logan Testeraen


“You’re not expecting to see a tornado fly through your house,” Mortansen said.

Colton Mortansen
Colton Mortansen is a fourth year student and was the first person to come back to the house after spring break. Photo credit: Jafet Serrato


Mortansen filed a police report right when he noticed stolen property and notified his roommates immediately.

“They took a brick from our side yard and they went over to my room and smashed through the window,” Logan Testeraen said.

Logan Testeraen
Logan Testeraen is a fourth year student and his room was the first to be broken into. Photo credit: Jafet Serrato


The roommates believe there is only one suspect involved that stayed over night at their house and left it unlocked for the whole week.

John Cardaris, also a roommate, believes their house was vulnerable for strangers or homeless people to stay in their rooms and take their possessions.

John Cardaris
John Cardaris is a fourth year student who lives in the house on Hazel Street. Photo credit: Jafet Serrato


The items stolen include laptops, studio equipment, clothing, food and an XBOX.

Even with four locks on the front, side and bedroom doors the students living in the house thought they had a secure home to leave vacant during the break.

“They took a sense of security from our house,” Mortansen said.

Police were able to collect finger prints of a shaving cream canister as well as shavings from the sink, in hopes of finding a lead, according to Riley Swan.

Riley Swan
Riley Swan is a fourth year student who believes that police have found some evidence to find a suspect. Photo credit: Jafet Serrato


John Cardaris said the police have not been very cooperative with the group about the ordeal.

“I’ve tried calling two or three times to try to come assess the situation, but they said they were too busy and if it wasn’t life threatening. They couldn’t help,” Cardaris said.

Police have not found a main suspect for the crime.

Each tenant is facing economic difficulties and have started a GoFundMe page with a goal of $3000.

They currently have $550 in the account and hope people can help out in their time of need.

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