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Chico State sorority alumni write book about college life

I am a sorority girl and I always love hearing crazy stories from alumni.

The new book, “One Too Many- College Secrets as told by past Chico State sorority girls,” puts these stories in writing.

“One Too Many” is a short read set in Chico and is told by various anonymous voices.

The book came into existence when Michele Smith, a local publisher and  CEO of M. Com Publishing went through a bad breakup over the summer.

Smith went to a happy hour with fellow Chico State alumni, and while reminiscing about the old days, decided it would be funny to write a book with fellow Chico State sorority alumni.

“This has been the most therapeutic thing I have ever done after a breakup,” Smith said. “Everyone has their own version of “resetting”, but this definitely beat the night of too much vino and less expensive than running off to Florence.”

“One Too Many” tells stories about sorority life from the perspective of students and alumni, incThe crazy parties, the hooking up culture and of course, many stories of having that one glass too many.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it is told in a way that resembled our parents or grandparents telling us stories.

Chico State might have been considered the number one party school when most of these stories took place, but it shows the culture behind it: the fun, crazy, wild and the camaraderie who helped on drunken nights. That culture is still relatable.

There are still stupid men who we fall for, friends to get us home or make fun of us, bouncers who try to keep us safe and drunken nights that blur all into one.

The book’s chapter titles which include “Boys, Bong  and Booze”, “The Bad Trip: Lesson in Don’t Do Mushrooms” and “The Flying Halloween Maxi-Pad” will have you laughing from beginning to end.

Chantal Richards can be reached at [email protected] or @ChantieRichards on Twitter.


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