Get better grades without more studying


Getting betting grades is easier than you think. Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Getting better grades without the investment of more studying is simple. Be likable.

True, teachers rely on exams, papers and homework in determining a student’s grades. However, there is also a percentage of the grade that is subjective. Yes! A teacher who likes a student is most likely going to boost their grade up.

Do not confuse likable with being a suck-up. A suck-up tries too hard. They come across as ingenuine or rather, a suck-up’s agenda is obviously self-centered. No one likes a person who is all about themselves.

The likable student, on the other hand, leaves teachers with this good feeling. It is totally subconscious of course, but when it comes time to grade and a teacher finds themselves smiling because the student who wrote it is just nice and really seems to care, the grade goes up.

Here are some ways to improve likeability:

  • Ask questions. There is a reason why almost every course reserves a percentage of the grade for participation. Teachers want to create discussion in class. It’s a great start to getting noticed too.
  • Ask for favors. Who doesn’t like to feel like a hero? Exactly! So ask for extra help or if something has come up explain it and beg for forgiveness. The important part is that the teacher is given the opportunity to be the granter of the favor. It’s their classroom. Show them you respect that.
  • Say thank you. It may be the teacher’s job to provide the instruction, but even if they have been doing it for years, it is nice to hear someone still notices and appreciates the effort.
  • Look like you care! If someone goes into education, realize they are hoping, or at least did at one point, to make a difference. The student who really listens to the lecture, whose facial expressions say “I care,” leave the teacher thinking “I did well.” They will remember the student who made them feel appreciated.

For those who think this is ridiculous and the only way to improve grades is more reading and all-night study sessions, just remember that if a person hasn’t changed their study habits yet, they probably aren’t going to.

Being likable, however, is doable. All it takes is seeing things a little differently and adjusting strategy.

Nicole Richie can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_news on Twitter.