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Advice Column: Ways to save money

We’re all just broke college students trying to make it in the real world. College is a huge investment. All of us know that by now. Not only are you paying for tuition, but you also have to pay for rent, food and other expenses. It’s unavoidable to spend money in college, and it’s difficult to manage.

Here are 12 tips to help you save money:

1. Eat more meals at home rather than going out to eat. Think about it for a while. An average meal can cost seven to $10. This doesn’t seem like a lot at the moment, but those small meals add up, fast. You need to avoid this as much as possible. Eat those homemade meals and treat yourself once in awhile.

2. Buy necessity goods in bulk. Items like toilet paper and paper towels can be bought at Costco and last a few months rather than having to stock up every couple weeks.

3. Take the bus instead of Uber when you can. The bus system is FREE with a student I.D. This is a resource that many students aren’t even aware of.

4. Take advantage of student amenities. There are so many great resources that the campus has to offer that are included with your tuition!

5. Become friends with a freshman who lives on campus. They can swipe you in the dining hall for a free meal.

6. Buy used textbooks instead of new ones. A lot of the times you can buy off other students for very cheap.

7. Buy a coffee maker. Every cup of coffee is around five dollars. You can be spending over $20 a week on coffee without realizing it. It’s the smarter option to just invest in a coffee machine, sorry Creekside cafe.

8. Always ask for student discounts. When shopping or going out to eat, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they have any special deals for students. You could be missing out on a free drink and chips with your meal without even knowing it. Shoutout to Ike’s!

9. Bring reusable bags with you when grocery shopping. Those cents add up. It just makes sense to save whenever you can.

10. Go to events on campus that offer free food. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in the event, go anyways!

11. Download Pocket Points. This app monitors the use of your phone while in class or studying which motivates you to stay focused. In return, you can earn coupons or deals!

12. Delete Tapingo off your phone right now. Why are you spending $20 for a Chipotle burrito to be delivered to you?

Do all these and you will have more money in your pocket. It’s simple as that. Use that extra money to buy yourself a new TV or headphones. Don’t waste it on a cup of coffee every morning.

Danielle Cortes can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_news on Twitter.

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