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Giving thoughtful gifts for the holidays

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Kristina Martinez


I am a firm believer in the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts,” when it comes to buying people presents.

Whether you spend $100 on a gift or even just $10, as long as the person can see that you put some thought into it, that’s what counts. The truth of the matter is, people like when you pay attention to the little things. It shows that person that you are listening to them when they talk to you and that you care.

Keeping this in mind, it can be tricky buying the right gift. So whether buying gifts for a friend I’ve know for years or someone I’ve been dating for three months, I keep three things in mind.

1) Don’t break the bank.

Yes, material items are loved by many of us, but it is not always necessary to spend an entire paycheck on a gift. An expensive gift does not always mean a good gift. Spend only as much as you are comfortable spending, even if this means only spending as much as you would on yourself.

If you don’t have the money to buy that pricey item you had in mind, spend it on something less expensive but just as thoughtful. Being price-savvy is something to keep in mind when considering what to buy your significant other, especially depending on how long you’ve been together. An overly expensive gift can be interpreted a number of ways, almost none of them positive.

2) Gift cards are for friends, not lovers.

Of course you should put some thought into your friend’s gift, but you should be aware that a friend will less likely to be offended by receiving a gift card. As for significant others, they may feel differently.

Gift cards are great for when you have no idea what to buy someone. Just make sure the gift card is for somewhere they actually shop because the place you pick can be the difference between being thoughtful or lazy. Another great thing about the prepaid cards is that you can pick how much you want to put on the card so they are good for any budget.

Gift cards are great presents for friends. However, giving your significant other a gift card will make them think that you did not put much thought or effort into finding their gift.

3) You can still give homemade gifts.

In kindergarten many of us made artwork in class as presents to give to our parents. Homemade gifts require more effort than just going to the mall to pick out a gift.

There are plenty of websites to help those who are feeling crafty, often offering great ideas and tutorials. Craft stores like Michaels are good places to buy materials once you have a project in mind.

The holidays are about showing appreciation and love to those people in our lives that mean the most to us. No gift can prove that more than one that has thought put into it.

Kristina Martinez can be reached at [email protected] or @kristinacsuc on Twitter.

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