Letter to: My future self


Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

Dear future graduated Wildcat,

I have so many questions for you that I don’t know where to even begin. But most importantly, are you happy? Did the setbacks or struggles life challenged you help you remain happy with yourself? I hope you never forgot about this during your college career with the major you decided to pursue.

There is no wrong way of living your life when you truly trust yourself. I hope that philosophy is still with you.

I hope it has taken you no more than five years to get that degree though! Did you learn how to manage all the “crazy” Chico parties and stay on track? The answer must be yes, of course, because well you are reading this and you are an official graduate.

Remember you are living for the moment, and hold on to each memory as you go. Only hold onto the past when learning from it and nothing else. What really matters, is that you learned how to not blackout at the pre-game after freshman year.

Seriously though, with each year you spent in college, I hope you learned more and more about yourself. Just by letting things fall into place and only stressing over situations that you do not have the power to control. Now that you are graduating, I cannot imagine all of what you acquired. Be proud of yourself, because you made it WildCat!

Finally, all those late-night study sessions at the Meriam Library and the lethal amounts of caffeine consumed paid off. Do not stop here, because a new journey has just begun.

Soon you will be reminiscing about your glory days as a college student in Chico, just living every day like a Friday.

Do you plan on moving out of the crazy little town of Chico? I really hope you did because, after four years, it is about time to spread your wings and experience something new.

Whatever cards that life has dealt you, I hope you learned how to play with them well. Now, go out and explore the world, do not be afraid of change or challenges because that is what builds your character. Take a look in the mirror and smile, because you made the full mile.

Whenever you need a little boost of inspiration, channel the inner Willie Wildcat, “today decides tomorrow.”

Danielle Cortes can be reached at opinioneditor@theorion.com or at theorion_news on Twitter.