LaMalfa speaks against gas tax, attracts protesters


Congressman Doug LaMalfa (center) and State senator Jim Nielsen (right) addressed the groups gathered to sign the petition Photo credit: Josh Cozine

Representative Doug LaMalfa came to Chico to endorse a petition for repealing a gas tax Friday.

The petition signing event took place at the Sinclair gas station on the block of Forest Avenue from 12 p.m. until 2 p.m.

LaMalfa (R) was joined by California Senator Jim Nielsen (R) to speak in favor of the initiative to repeal the recently introduced gas tax.

Gallagher, La Malfa, Nielsen
Congressman Doug LaMalfa (center), State senator Jim Nielsen (right), and Assemblyman James Gallagher (left), answered questions from groups gathered at Forest Ave. Photo credit: Josh Cozine

With enough signatures, a vote would be placed on the November ballot that, along with repealing the recent tax, would also require voter approval for any future gas or car tax increases.

Petition Signing
Many people in favor of the initiative showed up to sign to the ballot. Photo credit: Josh Cozine

Congressman LaMalfa said the initiative is about giving the power back to the voter.

“If voters like the tax then they can say nay to it. But if they don’t, then it gives them a say and voice instead of more taxes,” said LaMalfa.

Protesters also attended the event, lining the sidewalk. Some carried signs which read, “LaMalfa got the goldmine, we got the shaft,” and “Repeal and replace LaMalfa,” and chanted as LaMalfa addressed the crowd.

Protesters at the event for LaMalfa's petition lined Forest Ave. Photo credit: Josh Cozine

“Can you believe it? We got people yelling to raise our taxes!” said Senator Nielsen.

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