Juvenile threatens violent action against school; police enforcing no-tolerance policy


Threats of a shooting at Chico High were reported, police say, from a juvenile who posed on Snapchat with a gun and said he might “shoot up” the school. Photo credit: Tisha Cheney

According to Chico Police, a Chico High student spread threats that he was prepared to shoot up his school on Feb. 23.

According to the incident report, students claimed the juvenile came to class stating “This is the day I’m going to shoot up the school.” The juvenile was confronted by faculty, searched, but denied that such threats were ever made.

No weapons were found on the student, yet a picture of the juvenile posing with a double barrel shotgun later surfaced from the Snapchat app, found by school faculty.

This has become a common complaint recently with approximately four other cases occurring over the last six weeks, according to Sergeant Benjamin Love of the Chico Police Department.

Love stated that school reaction has been to take a no-tolerance response towards even mild statements, in light of recent tragedies as in Parkland Florida where 17 students and adults were slaughtered on Feb. 14.

“In these cases Chico Police responds through open communication between the school, parents and police to determine if there is an immediate threat and access to weapons,” said Love. “At the least students will be suspended, in many cases they are expelled.”

In response, Chico High stated that no lockdown was necessary in response to the recent incident and any action taken against the student could not be released.

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