AS hopefuls discuss their agendas at candidate forum

AS hopefuls discuss their agendas at candidate forum

The candidates hoping to become elected AS officials for the next school year had the opportunity to speak briefly to students and answer questions at a candidate forum at the BMU Monday night.

Each candidate was given 30 seconds to introduce themselves, followed by two questions from the moderator and two questions from the audience.

Voting begins Wednesday at 8 a.m and will continue until Thursday at 9 a.m. Students will receive a link in their student email accounts when it is time to vote.

The three candidates for AS President came forward to make further statements.

Karla Camacho: Current AS Director of University Affairs, former Student Academic Senator. “I think the primary concern our students are facing is college affordability and this contributes to the lack of accessibility to mental health resources, to food security, the lack of accessibility to housing…If our students cannot afford to go to school, unfortunately, they won’t become the engaged citizens we really want them to be.”

Nadine Salas: Current Commissioner of Community Affairs. “One of my biggest passions I want to make sure happens is that we diversify the way students engage with officers, making it more prevalent and having more communications with the councils and committees you can sit on. I want students to feel like they have that opportunity to speak with our officers, and feeling like they have the ability to engage also gives a sense of belonging.”

Alisha Sharma: Current AS President, former Commissioner of Student Organizations and Programs, former Executive Vice President.“If elected, I have three main goals: continue to amplify diverse students’ stories and voices to faculty, staff and administration, increase the Associated Students’ commitment to meeting student’s basic needs, and promote a culture of lifting each other up by focusing on student mental health and fostering a campus community where every student feels connected, supported, and heard.”

There are currently no declared candidates for the position of Executive Vice President.

  • Vice President of Business and Finance:

  • Alex Williams: Current College of Business Senator and Vice Chair of the Student Academic Senate.
    • “I will work diligently on behalf of all students at Chico State to fearlessly champion every students’ needs and interests.”
  • Vice President of Facilities and Services:
  • Kelsey McCaffrey: Junior, transfer student majoring in International Relations and minoring in International Studies.
    • “My background on the Chico Speech and Debate team, as well as my experience in running multiple clubs at my previous college, make me a great choice for this position.”
  • Zack Scott: Current Vice President of Facilities and Services, former Commissioner of Community Affairs.
    • “My passion for serving as a representative of student voice is undoubtably still present and I would be honored to serve once again for another term.”

  • Director of Legislative Affairs:

  • Elizabeth Blackford: Officer for Model United Nations and Treasurer of Students for Diplomatic Solutions.
    • “I hope to transfer the knowledge I have learned during my time at Chico, both on campus and as a member of the community, into representing students in the greater CSU system.”

  • Jasmine Cruz: President and founder of the Chico State Political Science Society, holds positions in Chico State Democrats and Pre-Law Society.
    • “I’m running to be your next Director of Legislative Affairs because only through the knowledge and sharing of the way that our legislature functions and the laws they produce can we all regain some power in our own education.”
  • Director of University Affairs:
    • Samuel Akinwande: President of the Black Student Union
      • “There’s a big difference between supporting someone and effectively supporting someone. That’s what I would like is to have that effective support so we can have a beautiful Chico experience and all the things we need to be successful.”
  • Commissioner of Community Affairs

  • Alejandra Becerra Silva: Chico State student
    • “If elected, I aspire to build a pathway to connect all Chico State students with the University and Chico community…I hope to be a leader who will contribute to creating the foundation of positivity and success of present and future Wildcats.”
  • Commissioner of Diversity Affairs

  • Praire Francia: Senior majoring in Latin American Studies, minoring in Business Management and Spanish.
    • “Growing up in the multi-culturally diverse community of Chapman Town in Chico gave me perspective at a young age that we are all human beings with cultural differences that make us unique and interesting…If elected, I will work diligently with my team to promote diversity awareness at our University.”

  • Commissioner of Student Organizations and Programs:

  • Christian Weaver: Chico State student
    • “I’m running for this position because every student has a place on this campus and there are numerous student organizations and programs to help them find that place. There needs to be better communication and I believe I can be a solid link for that.”

  • Commissioner of Sustainability Affairs

  • Tania Ruiz: Junior majoring in Political Science Legal Studies.
    • “I want to continue the progress CSU Chico has made in regard to environment-friendly initiatives and create an environment in which more students and faculty become involved in the conversation and practice of sustainable living.”
  • Senator for the College of Agriculture

  • Ellen Van Noy: Agriculture Business Major
    • “I think it’s important that we start moving away from fossil fuels towards using renewable resources on our campus.”
  • Senator for the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

  • Trevor Guthrie: Current President of the Interfraternity Council, former President of the Resident Hall Association.
    • “My goal is to unify the college because I believe we have strength in unity. I will do this by hosting events for students to attend where they can network, learn about jobs, internships, and get closer with peers.”

  • Senator for the College of Business

  • James Bass: Current Vice President of Conduct of the Interfraternity Council.
    • “I am on a mission to spark synergy amongst the student body of Chico State. Don’t think twice, roll the dice and vote for Jimmy.”
  • James Ryan: Junior majoring in accounting.
    • “I will strive to continue to improve upon the exceptional reputation the College of Business has, which I am proud to be a part of.”
  • Chris Taverrite: Member of the American Marketing Association.
    • “In office, I want to help ensure that business students get priority registration for major classes and I would love to collaborate with other students to bring great changes to the college.”
  • Senator for the College of Communication and Education
  • Gage Northcutt: Student at Chico State
    • “My main role in this leadership position would be to make sure that we have a voice open to the students, because that’s what matters here is you guys.”
  • Senator for the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management
  • Brandon Gentles: Freshman majoring in Civil Engineering.
    • “I hope to serve my college by accurately and actively representing students so that their voices are heard in the decisions being made on campus.”
  • Senator for the College of Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Naomi Ramirez: Junior, current Senator for the College of Humanities and Fine Arts.
    • “As senator, I want to continue to work to ensure our students have every tool at their disposal to succeed and graduate.”
  • Senator for the College of Natural Sciences

  • Lizzie Wilson: Member of the Sustainability Affairs Council and the Nutrition and Food Science Association.
    • “As a Nutrition Communication major, I strive to continue transparent communication for our college and its students…I will work effectively towards creating open dialogue for students of all focuses.”

For any write-in candidates not included in this article, Joey Nicholl is available at [email protected], or on Twitter @JTheOrion.