Final University Budget Committee meeting of semester expects cuts


Debra Larson explains the budget shortcomings of the university bluntly, Monday at the final University Budget Committee meeting Photo credit: Josh Cozine

Speaking bluntly to administrators and deans of the colleges present, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Debra Larson addressed making up around $2,500,000 in the budget Monday.

The discussion began at the final University Budget Committee meeting of the semester. In a round-table-like discussion, those present were allowed to give their own suggestions as to how to solve the issue, as well as ask questions, after a budget breakdown of the university was provided.

Vice President of Student Affairs Milton Lang explains to university administrators that budget cuts are nothing personal, but rather “something’s gotta give.” Photo credit: Josh Cozine

Two different approaches were suggested: cutting funds to certain departments and retaining surplus funds from others. Both approaches were argued and contested.

“These comments are just so fantastic, I want to stay in this space,” Larson said after two hours of discussion on the upcoming budget. Deans of different colleges then suggested different ideas towards balancing the budget.

A.S. Executive Vice President Jared Geiser asks for the specifics on the budget breakdown at the final University Budget Committee meeting Monday. Photo credit: Josh Cozine

Ultimately, Larson said, the final budget will depend on state funding, which will not be decided until June. The goal for now, she said, is to prepare the university for whatever that outcome may be.

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