Kegels are the next best thing to better sex


Example of a kegel exercise people can do to strengthen muscles for better sex. Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

It’s no secret that lots of men are attracted to virgins.

If a girl hasn’t had her “cherry popped” yet, then having sex with her will feel different, right? Wrong.

Some men (and women) are still under the impression that all virgins have intact hymens, which makes their vagina feel tighter. However, hymens often break sometime during childhood, it can be from riding a bike, using tampons or even walking can all break the membrane.

No amount of sex or sex partners will permanently loosen your vagina. Since it’s their first time, virgins often feel tighter because they are nervous. Anxiety can cause females to be less relaxed, which can lead to them automatically clenching and constricting their pelvic muscle making them feel tighter. When stressed, females also produce less vaginal lubrication and the vagina fails to expand sufficiently enough for sex. The pain or discomfort many virgins feel when they first have sex has nothing to do with them being tight.

There has always been a social construct that females are no longer “tight” once they lose their virginity. This is just one of many sex myths out there. The stereotype that the female body is different before and after sex is just that – a stereotype. However, if you want a tighter vagina, not just for his pleasure, but yours too, it will only take ten minutes a day.

The vagina is just like any other part of your body. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Luckily, kegels are a great and easy exercise to improve the strength of your pelvic muscle. Essentially, they are exercises that clench and unclench your pelvic floor. While kegels don’t technically tighten the vagina, they do tone the muscle which gives it a tighter feel.

Kegels are used to strengthen the pelvic floor for a variety of reasons. One of the many benefits of kegels, is a boost in your sex life. According to the Women’s Health Magazine, kegels help females in the bedroom by:

  • Heightening sexual arousal
  • Increasing the amount of blood circulating to your vagina (which improves a woman’s ability to orgasm)
  • Increasing the lubrication of your vagina

In case you were wondering, yes men can also benefit from kegels. Males who regularly use exercises to strengthen their pelvic muscle profit from:

  • Preventing the onset of erectile dysfunction
  • Increasing sexual performance
  • Decreasing the chance of premature ejaculation

I started doing kegels about six months ago and have definitely noticed a difference. One of the great parts about kegels is they don’t take up much time. Two intervals of five to ten minutes a day are all you need. They can be done anywhere and at any time. During a boring chemistry lecture, waiting in line, or watching Netflix.

Kegels may not entirely change your sex life, but they may give you that little extra help needed to rock you and your partner’s world.

Brooke Martin can be reached at [email protected] or @bmartin471on Twitter.