Packing up premature is immature


Student packing up while another student behind is still working. Photo credit: Dominique Wood

We have all been there, myself included. When we have to sit through a lecture that is not to our liking, we feel like we’re going to die before the class is over. You slowly start to zip up your backpack hoping not to make too much noise. All while looking at your professor, pretending that you’re paying attention. But the question is, do your professors know?

I’ll let you in on the answer: they know.

You may think you’re being sneaky, but that’s not the case. Professors understand that you are consumed with a lot of responsibilities. We have school, work, a social life and who knows what else. They get it, but packing up early is still not right. We are no longer in high school. We are in college and we need to start acting like it. Packing up early is not only childish and immature, but it’s also disrespectful.

However, take the time to consider that professors have feelings and don’t appreciate you interrupting others who are trying to learn. Hearing a rumbling noise interrupts those who are being attentive in class. Not only are you affecting your learning, but you’re affecting your classmates’ learning too.

“I think it’s very rude to the teachers as well as to the other students who are still trying to write down the last bit of the slides or hear the teacher speaking,” Crystal Parker, a third-year student, said. “It’s rude.”

Start thinking of packing up early as an embarrassing act. If you are someone who doesn’t like being the center of attention, realize that getting ready to leave early is negative attention. Zippers, water bottles, jackets and skateboards are anything but quiet.

“Consider that if I can hear you from the front of the room, then all of the other students can hear you too,” Adam Irish, assistant professor of political science, said.

Another disadvantage of packing up early is that you are missing out on critical information. Lots of times, the last couple of minutes of a lecture are the most important. The professors are reviewing key concepts, assigning homework and answering questions.

“If they’re packing up in the last five minutes of class, then they’re not receiving that information and that’s not doing them any good because they’re going to be tested on some of that information,” Stephen Treanor, associate professor of finance, said.

I’m not allowed to judge anyone who gets ready early because I’m guilty of this too. I can get impatient waiting for the current class to end, so I can go to my next one. However, I am going to make an honest effort to stop packing up early and I think you should too.

Brooke Martin can be reached at [email protected] or @bmartin471 on Twitter.