Give back and gain more

Kristina Martinez

Nowadays it is especially hard for college graduates to make their resume stand out from the rest. Volunteer work is one way to always help make a resume stand out from the rest.

Volunteering shows a future employer that the applicant is a hard worker and cares enough to give back.

Having been abroad helps resumes stand out from other applicants chasing the same jobs as you. Volunteering abroad looks even better because employers look for people who have experience abroad, whether it be working or studying.

Any work experience will contribute to a stronger resume. Whether you volunteer at your local park or travel to build houses, volunteering can help you grow as a person and as a job applicant.

In a generation where there is constantly something new and better it can be hard to find things that no other applicant has to offer, but by doing things most other applicants do not, it makes you stand out even more.

Kristina Martinez can be reached at [email protected] or @kristinacsuc on Twitter.