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The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

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Students need time for finals, rather than assignments

Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

After returning from the Camp Fire, the first few days seemed intense. All you could hear was the constant chatter between individuals talking about the mass destruction of flames that terrorized Paradise and surrounding communities. While Chico State encouraged faculty members to finish their semester off strong, not everyone seemed to be on board with the transition they were asking for.

While it is understandable that professors wanted to “make-up for lost time,” for all the course material we missed, transitioning back into learning is quite challenging. For many, going back into course material can become a form of distraction. For others, transitioning back into the workload is not a form of coping with tragedies or a crisis.

In reality, with such a small time frame, the pressure to get good grades is terrifying for those struggling in classes. We came back from the Camp Fire extended break by jumping right into due dates, study guides and for some, exams. Some tests are even squeezed in during dead week. Furthermore, its obvious our transition did not run as smoothly for some students as it may have for others.

Of course, the Camp Fire is not an excuse to ask your professors for extensions or an excuse for why you’re consistently late to class. Students can’t abuse the circumstances to take advantage of their professor during this difficult time. But at the same time, professors need to nurture a welcoming learning environment. So the question is, why wasn’t an extension given to you in the first place?

In a letter to faculty members, they were asked to be considerate of students’ feelings and to be mindful of their workloads. While I heard some students around campus talking about their courses becoming easier, some were also struggling to meet their deadlines.

As a student on campus I believe we were all affected in some way by the Camp Fire crisis. Hearing the stories, seeing families outside store parking lots and trying to be supportive as a community all had an impact on many. However, there also seemed to be many more ways to solve solutions on campus that seemed to be neglected. I know this crisis time is hard for not only students, but all faculty, administrators and staff on campus.

Solutions are easier said than done, but it would have been nice to see some of these solutions;

  • Creating manageable course material
  • Giving tuition refund checks to students who were affected by the fire
  • Offering drops without penalties

We know that this trauma will continue to affect us for months to come. Most students though were fortunate, as only some lost their homes. For those students who lost family members and/or their homes, this trauma will affect them not just for months, but for years. However, this experience has also taught us to donate, give a helping hand and support one another during our academics. As Chico State Wildcats, keep supporting one another and do the best to finish your semester strong and start the new year right.

Karen Limones can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_news on Twitter.

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