Shave yourself the hassle

Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

On a base level, advertisements (ads) are meant to connect potential buyers with products. On a deeper level, ads are meant to cause recognition. This commercial was a hit in that regard.

Whether you loved the commercial, hated it, or didn’t care you’ve been reminded about Gillette. Let me be frank, I liked the commercial. I thought it said things that our society needed to be told again.

It is fair to critique Gillette as well, they sell “women’s” razors at a steeper price. They have also had women in skin tight bodysuits as sex symbols to sell their brand and products. So I hope that Gillette will take its own good advice and make the proper changes.

Now, If you are offended by someone, even a company, suggesting people stop raising men to act like animals then re-evaluate yourself. The mere suggestion that men be held accountable for their actions is enough to make some boycott a brand and act like asses on social media. Only proving the point that Gillette’s public relations team was making.

When someone uses a general critique, they are not talking about YOU, unless of course the shoe fits. If this commercial bothers you it’s probably because you have done something in your live that makes you feel defensive for being called out on it.

There seems to be confusion about what toxic masculinity is, so let’s clear it up with a simple brief checklist.

What IS “Toxic Masculinity?”

-Sexism, homophobia and treating people who aren’t cis males unfairly.

-“Locker Room Talk” and catcalling

-Using the phrase “boys will be boys” to excuse inappropriate behavior.

-Feeling threatened by men wearing makeup or wanting to show their emotions.

What ISN’T Toxic Masculinity?”

-Having a drink with your bros.

-Enjoying traditionally “Masculine” things.


-Barbecuing and playing sports.

There is nothing wrong with being masculine. No one is attacking masculinity. No one has ever attacked masculinity.

There is however a siege on cat calling, sexism and abuse. So if you are still thinking that the criticism of Toxicity Masculinity is a criticism of you its because it is. These aggressive and dominating ideas that still linger among men have left a deep scar for generations.

Being told to “man up” has become such an issue that entire generations of men have been hardened to the world. Seventy seven percent of suicide deaths are males. There are many factors to suicide but social pressure is one of the largest. Having an overwhelming amount of pressure to fit into a box is suffocating.

These ideals are quite literally leaving men breathless and depressed. The worst part is they are doing it to each other.

Stop using hurtful language. Call each other out on negative behavior. Talk to each other about how you doing. Help lift this weight off of each others shoulders.

This is what Gillette’s advertisement is getting at. Release yourself from the toxicity; be a respectful person who treats yourself and others well. Stop making excuses for abuse that effects everyone. Stand up for what is right. Remember that the right people will never think that you are a “pussy” for doing what makes you authentic to yourself.

Throw your sexism, homophobia and other bullshit out the window; come join the future.

Rachael Bayuk can be reached at [email protected] or on twitter @BayukRachael