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Gender fluidity on the rise

We all know that gender fluidity in pop culture is nothing new per se, especially with icons like Prince and David Bowie pushing their generations’ boundaries.

What is new, however, is seeing gender fluidity in a whole different music genre; latin trap music.

Music legends continue to inspire self-expression, but it’s important to have current supporters of gender fluidity. Especially a Lantix trap artist.

Recently, Bad Bunny released his music video for “Caro.” The video starts with him getting his nails done. Throughout the video, Bad Bunny switches between himself and his female counterpart.

The track is about his lavish lifestyle and minding one’s own business. At one point, Bad Bunny sings, “Por qué no puedo ser así, En qué te hago daño a ti, Yo solamente soy feliz,” which translates to, “why can’t I be this way, how does this harm you, I’m just happy.”

The majority of Bad Bunny’s criticism stems from him painting his nails. When he first became mainstream, people would say it was “too feminine” or “gay.”

Bad Bunny’s fluidity is huge for the hyper-masculine latin trap community. An artist as mainstream as Bad Bunny is sure to cause a disruption, possibly leading to a push for a new norm.

When mainstream artists express their gender fluidity, people may feel safe or inspired to experiment with their own style. Self-care may also be affected. You don’t have to paint your nails, but there’s nothing wrong with a manicure.

Yes, it is sad to see such commotion in the industry, but order will emerge from the chaos.

People shouldn’t be offended by self-expression. Bad Bunny is right to question how an individual’s personal choices affect others.

Gender fluidity has been accepted in pop culture for a while. Hopefully, this acceptance trickles down to everyday life.

People are so afraid of acting outside of gender norms that they go their whole life without truly expressing themselves.

You don’t have to be an icon or celebrity to do these things. Wear and do what you want. There aren’t rules on how to be yourself.

Take a page out of Bad Bunny’s book and dress in whatever makes you happy.

Whether it is a bedazzled coat or a pair of bold sneakers, implement your personality into your wardrobe. Who knows, you might empower someone else to do the same.

As long as you are authentic, fashion is always fun.

Yaritza Ayon can be reached at [email protected] or @ayon_yaritza on Twitter.

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