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Manage time better to sleep more

Kristina Martinez

Those last few minutes of sleep after hitting the snooze button is some of the most precious time in a college student’s day.

As important as sleep is, it is often one of the last things on our minds. Getting a full night’s sleep has become hard for most students to achieve. It seems impossible to make sleep a priority in a world that never stops.

Ask anyone and they will probably say that they did not get enough sleep last night.

According to the College Student Journal, more than 75 percent of college students do not get enough sleep on five or more days each week.

The problem is not that college students do not like to sleep, the problem is that they are constantly choosing not to instead of managing their time better.

I love to sleep, and when I lose rest I notice the change in my body. I can always tell when my body needs a break. Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice some things for sleep, instead of surrendering sleep for other things.

But what good is going to class if I can’t even keep my eyes from closing every five seconds? Most people acknowledge that sleep is important but college students, knowing this, still sacrifice sleep in order to get other things done.

Sleep affects mood, weight, mental alertness, productivity and creativity. Not getting enough sleep does more to a body than causing bags under the eyes. Sleep replenishes the body, for morning people and night owls alike.

A good night of sleep is key to more than being able to make it to an 8 a.m. class on time and prepared. Our bodies need the right amount of sleep to function properly during the day. Adults should be aiming for about seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

Loss of sleep will eat away at the body over time. A good night’s rest needs to become a part of more students’ daily schedules. Maintaining a sleep schedule is just as vital to a student’s health as attending exam days is key to succeeding in classes.

College students stress over everything and some rest, as simple as it sounds, can help alleviate this problem.

Losing sleep can cause stress. Take the time to log off social media earlier and flip off the TV and lights 30 minutes before going to sleep. It will allow the mind and body to begin relaxing as they prepare to go to sleep.

Attempting to get more sleep and actually getting some rest is, unfortunately, easier said than done. Students need to keep time management in mind in order to make it happen. Have set times to nap or sleep, and create time for sleep in the same way everything else gets scheduled.

Avoid frantic late nights and last minute assignments you think are worth loss of sleep. Allow the body to rest when it needs to.

Finding and sticking to the right balance between studying and sleeping is important to succeeding in classes.

Kristina Martinez can be reached at [email protected] or @orion_news on Twitter.

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