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Reviewing life: It’s meaningless, but that’s okay

Philosophers, religious folks, scientists and every day Joe’s have tried to come up with the meaning for life. Is there one? Why are we here? Nobody knows. Even if they think they do, there is no substantial proof to the answer of who is right. Despite this, the planet has fostered life for millions of years despite the lack of answers, or last week if you believe in religion.

Life is pretty overrated. For one, it’s so mundane and monotonous. You don’t ask to be brought into this world. You’re told to go to school for at least 13 years, with no say in the matter. Your big reward is working 50 hours a week to afford to live, barely. I have to take points off life on that structure alone. Then you work until you can’t anymore and retire unless you’re a millennial and social security runs out by then.

Big corporations and countries are destroying this planet and making it inhospitable for every other creature. It’s OK, the new iPhone arrived after the kids in China who try and kill themselves each day were done with it. Isn’t capitalism great? It’s all about me. If you are not me, die for all I care.

It’s pretty depressing when you stop and smell the roses, do it while you can before air pollution and global warming kills us all.

I have to hand it to vegans and recyclers; everyday people make up 29% of carbon emissions. Yet they try to rid the guilt for all humankind like a modern-day Jesus Christ. It’s as sad as watching someone trying to change someone else’s political views. You know it won’t make a difference, but you have to admire them for at least thinking they’re doing something meaningful. I recycle, I guess a guiltless conscience will make you pursue unattainable goals all to help you sleep better at night.

It has me wondering If there is some God that does exist. They either have a sense of humor that would rival any sadist or he might not be as benevolent and kind as people may think. They exiled humanity from paradise for eating off a tree that he left there. I say left because he’s God; he put the tree there. Why would you put a tree you couldn’t eat from? It’s like telling kids not to eat cookies left in the kitchen. Sure, you can blame them for eating them, but at the end of the day you’re the parent, it’s your fault for leaving them where they could get them.

Also, human’s still haven gotten to the point where we view others as equals. We still have race relations issues, gender inequality and LGBTQ+ hate. Power dynamics are so entrenched at this point that the ones at the top don’t want to give their power up.

Man, has been like this since the beginning of time in constant wars and strife over things we don’t like about each other. Humans are inherently self-interested. There have been no breaks or extended times of peace. A nuclear war could take us all out one day. Or global warming, a mass disease, God, pick your poison.

The bad in life heavily outweighs the good. The reason the saying is “it’s the little things in life,” is because if you thought of the bigger things all day, you’d be in a constant depressed state.

Human connections are pretty cool, though. Having people who love and respect you for you is a true blessing. People want to be loved and held as much as possible. That’s all that matters in the end, surrounding yourself with people that make you feel loved. It can make even the hardest of times seem bearable. It’s the reason I stick around and the fact that I don’t take things too seriously.

Life can be pretty great as long as you ignore every other thing going on around the world.

Final Score: 2.5/5

Ricardo Tovar can be reached at [email protected] or @rtovarg13 on Twitter.

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