Make a memorable impression or be forgotten

Prin Mayowa

People don’t realize that we all have this weird, innate feeling that makes us believe that we should be important to a lot of people, if not everyone.

It’s unhealthy, I know.

People and memories are very similar. In some cases they’re almost the same thing.

Sometimes I suppress memories. Then I realize it’s not the memories I should suppress, it’s the people — with pillows, while they sleep.

Illustration by Frances Mansour
Illustration by Frances Mansour

Again, unhealthy, I know.

Other times, thoughts just slip my mind, which is why I can never recall a face or what human it belongs to.

People should realize that stating who they are and having one conversation with someone will not make them memorable.

Sadly, we weren’t all born Beyonce.

I’m not going to remember someone just because they introduced themselves to me at Target because they have reason to believe we have class together.

If anything, it reminds me to buy snacks for that class because it correlates with my lunchtime.

This all goes back to when first impressions became important.

One day I was walking around the gorgeous Chico State campus feeling like the perfect mix of fabulous and quirky. I assume Raven Baxter must have felt like after she put on one of her newest designs.

On my way to my second class of the day I stopped to chat with a good friend of mine.

As we talked, someone she knew came toward us. It was this really cute guy that I had never seen before.

Needless to say, I put my humor into overdrive and went out of my way to make him laugh. When my friend finally introduced us he said, “Oh, we’ve already met.”

I laughed and said, “Duh, we’re like best friends!”

Oh yeah. I got a hug and his number.

But not everyone is as slick as I am. Truthfully, I barely know the names of most of the people I’ve met in the last two years.

It’s not that I don’t care to remember them or that they don’t deserved to be remembered. In all honesty, they just haven’t made an impression.

Being a social deity is awesome, but it’s not so cool when the people you’ve met can’t recall meeting you. It’s worse when you can’t recall meeting them.

Some people just happened to always be on their A-game when going into social situations and that’s great for them.

But at the end of the
day, if their name or face is just another blur, who’s to say they were that
great after all?

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