The O-Face: Dig deep for meaning this holiday

Michael Karp

Hate it or love it, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us.

If you are single, odds are you either dread Feb. 14 or are indifferent. If you are in a relationship, you’re probably either excited or stressing about planning for it.

In 21 years, I have never had a Valentine. I was always largely indifferent to the holiday, but deep down I would not have minded having someone to spend it with.

This is my first year spending the holiday with someone. I am both excited and anxious, but I believe I am taking a different approach to the day than most people.

This Friday should be a day of appreciation and thoughtfulness for your loved one. It should be 24 hours of utter focus and attention on your relationship and possibly a day to rekindle the fire that might be dying.

That is the general consensus, and I do not deny it. My day will consist of lavish gifts, a thoughtful experience and extensive private time.

However, when considering one’s relationship as a whole, the spirit of Valentine’s Day should be expressed every day of the year, in every moment of the day and in every moment you two are in loving embrace between the sheets.

Long term relationships can be a great source of happiness in one’s life and should be taken seriously. Express your love and affection freely, unconditionally and without inhibition, as if it were a gift to your partner.

When considering how to make this Friday a memorable experience, dig deeper than the surface value of what you do and the gifts you exchange.

Think of the most romantic scene in a movie you have ever watched, and try to top it. I’m talking picnics, sunsets, massages, flowers, nature — the works.

Head over to the sex shop and buy something sexy for the bedroom, not for your own pleasure but for your partner’s.

When you are spending that precious alone time, take extra care when providing oral sex. Try positions that emphasize the feeling and passion you two share, such as missionary rather than doggy-style. Make love instead of just having sex.

The gifts I will give on Valentine’s Day are a symbol of the emotions I feel for my girlfriend in every single moment. They represent the connection that holds us together and the joy I feel being with her.

That connection and joy does not diminish once the day is over, it increases as we continue to learn more about each other and experience new things together.

We live within each other in the form of the memories we make, and Valentine’s Day will become one of those memories. I aim to make it a spectacular one for both of us, inside the bedroom and out.

This Valentine’s Day, single or not, make it memorable with the people you truly care about.

Life is too short to waste the precious moments that encompass our lives and the moments that touch the lives of those around us.

Michael Karp can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @_MichaelKarp.