University: Chico State alerts system has been fixed


The University fixed Chico State’s alert system as of Tuesday, Jan. 31, according to Andrew Staples, Chico State’s public relations manager. This comes after it was announced on Jan. 27 that the system was experiencing technical issues.

Those who opted-in to text and call alerts should now receive them along with general emails sent out during emergency situations.

The University has said that it has come to their attention that “not enough” campus community members have opted-in to Chico State Alerts.

“We strongly encourage anyone who didn’t receive a text or phone call last week to take a few minutes to log into the Chico State Portal, click on the Chico State Alerts button, and make sure your correct mobile phone and email addresses are listed,” the University said.

The University will be conducting a test on Monday, Feb. 6. Those who are opted-in will receive a text, call and email.

The problem was originally discovered during the campus safety open forum on Jan. 25.

Ariana Powell can be reached at [email protected].