Chico State freshman on The Voice

18-year-old, Chico State student Sophia Hoffman makes her debut on TV as a contestant on The Voice.


Casey Durkin

Sophia Hoffman singing on The Voice auditions. Photo Courtesy of NBC.

Hoffman has been singing since the age of four.

Her mother Hilda Hoffman said, “Sophia has always been a performer. She was always putting on shows for the family.”

Sophia Hoffman at talent show. Photo courtesy of Hilda Hoffman.

“I’m going to jump and I’m gonna fly,” is one of Sophia Hoffman’s favorite quotes. She said it describes her resilience and faith to become the best version of herself.

In this conversation with Sophia Hoffman we were able to get a sense of what preparing to be on TV was like, discussed current issues and she gave a motivational message for anyone working toward their goals.

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Watch her full performance here: