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Deleting contacts doesn’t bring closure

Julianna Eveland

Constant back and forth text messaging, “likes” and “follows” on Instagram and occasional Facebook check-ups are what keep my social life going.

But what happens when a relationship goes awry? And I’m not talking about a friendship; I’m talking about a romantic interest.

Is the simple notion to delete that person really going to deter contacting them? Will it even make a dent in keeping them out of sight, out of mind?

In my mind, no.

It is not that simple because of the vast use of social media our generation is consumed with.

To eradicate the presence of someone on my phone who I don’t trust myself to resist contacting would mean to unfollow or unfriend. Basically undo all the memories trapped inside the 16 GB of my iPhone.

After a harsh ending to a complicated relationship I thought deleting said person from my phone would constitute some sort of closure.

But the inescapable images, wall posts and Snap Chats kept coming my way.

To put an end to the tease of still having that person in my life I took a step back from technology and turned to other ways of finding closure.

I became engrossed in real life. How crazy is that?

By setting aside my obsession with social media I relieved myself of consistently thinking about that person and soaked up the beauty of real life.

I did not delete, unfollow or unfriend. I simply moved on.

Julianna Eveland can be reached at [email protected] or @janeca12 on Twitter.

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