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    Housing statements revoked amidst Whitney Hall construction

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    3 Union tentative agreements to be voted on at CSU Board of Trustees March 4 meeting

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    Chico State Associated Students ceasefire resolution announced Saturday

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    Bell Memorial Union is going to the dogs

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    CSU Board of Trustees to vote on Academic Professionals of America tentative agreement

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Nadia Hill
A parody of CupcakKe’s album Cum Cake

When CupcakKe said, “Imma pick it up with chopsticks” history was changed forever. 

Elizabeth Eden Harris also known as CupcakKe is a well-known female rapper who rose to popularity almost a decade ago. If you’ve been on the internet since 2015, you undoubtedly have heard at least a clip of her unforgettable songs. 

Even recently, CupcakKe’s songs were repopularized on TikTok by users making ridiculous remixes with her songs like “Vagina” and “Deepthroat” to a variety of different audios and songs that are tonally contrasted.

Although CupcakKe’s songs, featuring strong sexual themes, uniquely and unapologetically are important, her songs focusing on deeper issues need to be highlighted and celebrated as much as her other work.

Sexual liberation for women has been a form of reclaiming power and rebelling against the patriarchy for many years. This sexual revolution can be traced back to the second-wave feminism movement in the 60’s-70’s. 

Women have been singing about sex since before the days of Missy Elliot’s “Get Your Freak On” and musicians who are women will always use their art to express their erotica. CupcakKe was a trailblazer for this new decade of female rap.

The confidence and candid way of rapping CupcakKe displayed in her raunchy songs helped dismantle the stigma against women’s sexual pleasure and communication about sexual needs. 

Her wordplay is unmatched and keeps each song energetic for every listen. 

In 2019, CupcakKe announced her retirement via an emotional livestream. She expressed remorse over possibly corrupting the younger audiences with her music and frustration that her songs focusing on other subjects get ignored. Categorizing CupcakKe as just her sexiest moments disregards the rest of her important work.

Her 2016 mixtape’s title, “S.T.D (Shelter to Deltas)” uses a double entendre that encapsulates CupcakKe — playful and risqué — at first glance but with a closer glimpse into her past, beliefs and mind. 

Her album, “Cum Cake,” features the first half of her “Reality” tetralogy in which she peels back the curtain and talks openly and honestly about her struggles. Her talent shines throughout but you can hear her confidence and technical ability mature and grow better with each installation.   

All of the songs have no music in the background — which could be inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s album “To Pimp A Butterfly,” in which an acapella excerpt from the final song “Mortal Man” is played at the end of every song. She references him in “Reality, pt 1as a major inspiration in life and music. 

CupcakKe has also been very transparent about the sexual abuse she endured in her younger years. Most notably, her song “Pedophilegives other survivors of sexual abuse music to relate to. Seeing CupcakKe so openly speak about her trauma in her music normalizes talking about it in spaces where sexual abuse is overlooked. 

She also makes anthems dedicated to marginalized communities. Her pride anthem “LGBT” affirms every member of the community whilst being a certified bop. The music video which has 7 million views features many queer people celebrating their community. 

A.U.T.I.S.M is a song dedicated to those on the autistic spectrum where she advocates for better social treatment and more acceptance of autistic people. 

I can’t think of another rap song that even includes neurodivergent people that’s not the original version of the Blackeye Peas’s “Let’s Get it Started.” Plus due to the stigma of mental health in the Black community, mental disorders go untreated. CupcakKe’s song is a step forward in lessening the stigma.

CupcakKe is a talented songstress and brilliant rapper. Her work advocates for those not normally given such public solidarity in any genre of music — let alone rap. 

Celebrate all of her work. Make space for everything she has to say, because all of it has merit and is important. 


Nadia Hill can be reached at [email protected].

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About the Contributor
Nadia Hill, Social Media Manager
Nadia Hill is originally from Carson City, Nevada, and is in the middle of her sophomore year. Currently, she is double-majoring in journalism (public relations) and studio arts. She is one of two social media managers on The Orion. Both writing and social justice have captivated her with the field of journalism and is excited to continue with her second semester on The Orion. In her personal time, she enjoys painting, performing and working with children.

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