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    Housing statements revoked amidst Whitney Hall construction

  • Hands holding up a megaphone, a sign that reads “Teamsters Local 2010, CFA and APC” and a piece of paper that says “Tentative Agreement.” Created by Grace Stark on March 1.


    3 Union tentative agreements to be voted on at CSU Board of Trustees March 4 meeting

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    Chico State Associated Students ceasefire resolution announced Saturday

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    Bell Memorial Union is going to the dogs

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    CSU Board of Trustees to vote on Academic Professionals of America tentative agreement

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Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

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Chico’s coffee culture: grounds for celebration or a bean there, done that situation?

Coffee beans taken by Igor Haritanovich. Image courtesy of Pexels.

Prepare to be buzzed, Chicoans. Our beloved city’s caffeinated obsession has reached epic proportions, leaving us to question if coffee runs through our veins instead of blood. Let’s spill the beans on Chico’s coffee culture!

From trendy pour-over techniques to the scientific precision of latte art, we Chicoans have become connoisseurs of all things java. 

Brew methods? We have those in abundance, ranging from French presses to espresso machines that seem more complex than operating a spaceship. Our kitchens have turned into mini-laboratories, and we’re the mad scientists brewing up concoctions.

But amidst coffee-fueled adventures, we must not forget the true essence of Chico’s coffee culture – the ritual itself. 

Picture this: the early morning routine of standing in line, half-asleep, waiting for that glorious cup of liquid motivation. It’s like an unspoken bonding experience with fellow coffee enthusiasts, where coffee lines become social events reminiscent of family reunions without the awkward hugs.

And let’s not overlook the mini-drama that unfolds at the counter while we place our orders. The sheer number of options, modifications and foam preferences could easily stump a physicist. 

To make matters worse, the baristas, with their intimidating knowledge of beans and roast profiles, give us that questioning look if we dare utter words like “decaf” or “venti.” We can’t help but wonder, are they secretly judging us with their latte art prowess?

We can’t forget the ambiance of Chico’s coffee shops, such as Naked Lounge, Tender Loving Coffee and Stoble Coffee Roasters. The café décor is like stepping into a parallel universe where reclaimed wood and exposed brick hold the secrets to unlocking our inner creativity. 

The dulcet tones of soft indie music and the clinking of coffee mugs accompany our every sip, creating a symphony of caffeine-infused bliss. It’s almost as if heaven collided with a vintage thrift store, resulting in the perfect atmosphere to contemplate life’s mysteries over a steaming cup of joe.

But let’s face it, Chico’s coffee culture — while delightful — sometimes makes us question our priorities. Do we really need a triple-shot caramel macchiato frappuccino with extra sprinkles and whipped cream to start our day? Perhaps not, but hey, everyone needs a little indulgence in their lives. 

So let’s raise our mugs and celebrate our local coffee culture. May our java journeys continue to awaken our senses, provide moments of camaraderie and fuel our daily adventures. Cheers to the delightful addiction that makes Chico’s heart race faster than a triple espresso shot.


Ellie Marty can be reached at [email protected]

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Ellie Marty, Opinion Editor
Ellie Marty is a third year student majoring in journalism with a minor in women’s studies. She was born and raised in Sacramento, California, where she received a certificate of academic achievement for her work in her high school’s newspaper. Ellie is Opinion Editor at The Orion and has previously worked as Copy Editor. Outside of reporting, Ellie enjoys creating art, reading, spending time outdoors and watching trashy reality TV. This is her second semester writing for The Orion.

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