Seeing past falsities of Reality TV

Kristina Martinez

From the Kardashians to Jersey Shore and Bad Girls Club, the world of reality television is steadily creeping its way into every aspect of human life.

As technology changes, so does the quality of entertainment. Youth especially cultivate their lives around what social media and television tell them is important through agenda setting.

With so many different Reality TV shows out now, you can find a TV show based on anything from love and singing to therapy. It can be hard for today’s society to not base their reality on the “reality” that the media wants them to think is real.

People often tend to act the way “real people” on TV act because it is accepted by the media.

The reality of reality TV is that it is not real life at all. No one has cameras recording their every move or producers persuading them what to do next. The decisions made in real life are made alone, and unguided by a producer.

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