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  • “Flaming Wedgee,” controlled by Heather Vo, melting “Drone,” a lightweight flying robot, in an early fight. Taken by Nathan Chiochios on April 13.


    ‘Flamethrowers allowed’ at Chico State’s first Robotronica

  • The inside of Eggroll King. Photo taken by Callum Standish.


    The Orion tries Egg Roll King

  • Unidentified Project Rebound staff members stand outside Butte Hall, where the organizations office resides on the first floor. Courtesy of Lucy Ventura, Project Rebound public relations executive.


    Chico State’s Project Rebound helps students after incarceration

  • Nautica Blue released the second edition of the dystopian novel, A Skye of Jade, in April. Photos courtesy Nautica Blue, collage created by Ariana Powell using Pixlr.

    Arts & Entertainment

    ‘A Skye of Jade:’ a dystopian world created by Chico State student

  • The men’s bathroom on the second floor of Tehama Hall has a sign titled “All-Gender Restroom Coming Soon!” taped to it. The restrooms are expected to be updated by the fall 2025 semester in Yolo and the Student Services Center will also be under construction. Taken by Grace Stark on April 11.


    Chico State announces construction plans for gender-inclusive bathrooms

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Hazing documents revealed: Chico State warns against unrecognized Greek organizations

One year after hazing crisis, Chico State warns students about unrecognized Greek organizations 
Photo of the Notice of Investigative Outcome letters issued to Delta Chi and Lambda Sigma Gamma taken by Molly Myers, Feb. 24, 2024.

“Hazing, or conspiracy to haze.” These words mark the Notice of Investigative Outcome letters issued to Delta Chi fraternity and Lambda Sigma Gamma sorority last spring. 

Chico State Risk Management released the Notice of Investigative Outcome documents to The Orion through public records requests. 

Delta Chi’s hazing violations included:

  • Use, possession or distribution of alcoholic beverages
  • Violation of any published university policy, rule, regulation or presidential order

“The allegations involve fraternity members using and providing alcohol during new member activities along with directing new members to participate in involuntary physical activity and exercise,” Kendall Ross, interim director of Student Life and Leadership and director of recreational sports, said when the investigation began.

Lambda Sigma Gamma was found responsible for hazing in the form of “harassment.” 

Lambda Sigma Gamma’s Notice of Investigative Outcome includes 32 lines of redacted subpoints under their violation. 

On Feb. 5, Chico State SLL sent a mass email to students regarding sororities and fraternities that were not recognized by the university. They warned students that due to safety concerns, students should not engage with the following Greek life groups:

  • Alpha Chi, ΑΧ — sorority
  • Alpha Sigma Phi, ΑΣΦ — fraternity
  • Delta Chi, ΔΧ — fraternity
  • Delta Tau Chi, ΔΤΧ — fraternity
  • Delta Psi Delta, ΔΨΔ — fraternity
  • Lambda Sigma Gamma, ΛΣΓ — sorority
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ΣAE — fraternity 
  • Sigma Nu, ΣΝ — fraternity
  • Theta Chi, θΧ — fraternity
  • Tau Gamma Theta, ΤΓθ — fraternity

Lambda Sigma Gamma was given a four-year suspension from all university privileges including access to advisors, training and other forms of SLL support. 

Delta Chi was given a minimum five-year suspension from any university privileges. 

Andrew Staples, Chico State public relations manager, said, “A five-year charter revocation represents a significant sanction.”

Since last year’s investigation, members of Delta Chi rebranded under a new name, “Delta Tau Chi.” Using the same Instagram account that Chico’s Delta Chi chapter used, they changed their handle to @Chicodtx.

The university encourages students to report any incidents or conspiracies of hazing. The university needs students to speak up to stop future hazing incidents, Staples said.

Phi Delta Theta was also under investigation in Spring 2023. The university ruled that the organization was not responsible for hazing, but did violate school policies.

“Student Rights and Responsibilities found the organization participated in alcohol use and other violations of University policy,” Staples said.

Chico State placed Phi Delta Theta on a one-year probation from Spring 2023 to Spring 2024. During their probation chapter officers had to participate in leadership development training and undergo “an extensive overview/review” of their rush process, according to their Notice of Investigative Outcome letter.

Many factors are involved when considering the suspension length for any Greek life group.

These factors, Staples said, include:

  • The severity of the incidents
  • Evidence of an organization intentionally violating imposed sanctions
  • Whether this is the organization’s first offense
  • The transparency of the students involved

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, a fraternity that is new to Chico, tried to get university recognition last year but the Interfraternity Council denied them.

SAE was surprised to see the notice from SLL and said “we have broken zero school violations.” 

Their chapter members have a cumulative GPA of over 3.0 and have previously hosted speakers that spoke on drug and alcohol awareness, Rush chair Brandon Hofman said.

There will be a negative effect on both members of the club and potential members due to the school’s statement, Hofman said. 

Despite the school’s comments, the fraternity still engaged in Rush events this past week. 

Jessica Miller and Molly Myers can be reached at [email protected].

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Jessica Miller is a fourth-year English literature studies major at Chico State with a minor in linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. This will be her first semester with The Orion. After graduation, she plans to pursue a single-subject teaching credential in English and begin teaching at the high school level in California. She loves to write, read and work at the Student Learning Center on campus as a Writing Center tutor as well as her ESL Support Services tutoring position.
Molly Myers, Managing Editor/Features Editor
Molly Myers is a transfer student from Palmdale, California. She is a journalism major also minoring in religious studies. Molly is Managing Editor at The Orion and previously worked as Editor-in-Chief. Her work is also published in Watershed Review. Getting to meet new people and hear their stories is her favorite part of being a journalist. Outside of The Orion she instructs yoga at the WREC and volunteers with the Torres Community Shelter.

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