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Pulitzer prize winning author, visits Chico for Book in Common

Award winning author, Matt Richtel, will be visiting Chico  and sharing his book to the community. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Natalie Hanson

September 18, 2017

Students and the Chico community are invited to the kickoff event for this year's community book, A Deadly Wandering by Matt Richtel . The free event will take place on Thursday from 6 to 7 p.m., on the steps of the Council Chambers at 421 Main Street. The book will be shared by President Gayle Hutchinson, along with Butte College President Samia Yaqub, Butte County Supe...

Trump rescinds DACA; students protest at Chico State

Chico students protest the DACA decision. Photo credit: Luke Dennison

Luke Dennison and Guillermo Felix-Alvor

September 5, 2017

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was put to an end under the Trump administration, affecting many students nationwide.Students gathered outside of the Bell Memorial Union on campus expressing their thoughts over the decision, Tuesday morning. Elizabeth Alaniz, a Chico State Faculty Member and DREAM Assistant D...

Air pollution increases due to Ponderosa fire

Photo courtesy of Butte County Sheriff's Office

Cameron O'Brien

September 2, 2017

Warnings have been posted by campus administration regarding the air quality in Chico, due to the Ponderosa fire. 3,500 acres of land in the Butte county area have been affected. At least, 500 homes and over 800 outbuildings were threatened, according to a joint statement by the Butte County Air Quality Man...

Annual celebration of Chico Pride 2017

Community members came out to celebrate the event. Photo credit: Luke Dennison

Luke Dennison

August 22, 2017

Chico hosts their annual Chico Pride 2017 Festival. Coinciding with welcome week at Chico State, Chico's Pride event took place in the City Center. Inclusiveness, acceptance, and understanding were the message sent during the event. A diverse amount of individuals of all ethnicity's and genders attended the event.   "If we can get p...

Campus and community gather to watch the historical solar eclipse

NASA Flight Engineer Randy Bresnik took still images of the eclipse as seen from the unique vantage of the Expedition 52 crew.

Natalie Hanson

August 22, 2017

On Monday students and the Chico community gathered to view the solar eclipse. The event began at 9:30 a.m. by the Glenn Hall Lawn and continued to the peak of the eclipse at 10:17 a.m. Peak coverage of the sun in Chico reached 84%. Several activities were offered during the event, including a...

Shirtless man claims he has hotel room

Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Cameron O'Brien

August 21, 2017

Editor's Note:  This post has been updated. Chico Police Call Type: Suspicious Subject Monday, 8:19 a.m., 725 Broadway St. Man runs around shirtless claiming he has a hotel room causing disturbance in the community. Call Type: Verbal Dispute Monday, 10:18 a.m., West 5th St. A man and female...

Chico City Council talks Oroville Dam crisis

The Oroville Dam Crisis was discussed at the Chico City Council meeting Tuesday. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Alejandra Fraga

May 3, 2017

Chico City Council approved to sign a letter regarding the Oroville Dam crisis Tuesday. The letter highlighted many issues that the Butte County region has raised in community meetings, all issues relating to the Oroville Dam crisis. "We want to get one voice for the region," said District Coordinator...

WREC climbing competition brings on the ‘Ruckus’

Climber Miranda Santana hangs from the boulder as she attempts to pull herself back up. Photo credit: Miguel Orozco

George Johnston

April 24, 2017

The Wildcat Recreation Center hosted an all-day climbing competition called the “Ruckus” April 23. Rather than using ropes or safety harnesses like the traditional method, climbers were only allowed to use chalk in the competition. “Competitions are one of the biggest parts of rock climbing...

Trump should go green

Photo by: Jessica Johnson

Roberto Fonseca

April 21, 2017

Get your medical cards because Trump is aiming his focus at recreational marijuana, according to his press secretary Sean Spicer in his Feb. 24 speech. Trump has been staunch on his disapproval of the use of recreational marijuana and wants law enforcement to agents to enforce federal marijuana laws ...

LaMalfa faces tough crowd, walks off stage

An audience member said during the town hall  she does not want LaMalfa to have a say over her body. LaMalfa says that's fine but the tax payer shouldn't have to pay for it. Photo credit: Screenshot from Emily Bertolino's periscope

George Johnston

April 18, 2017

First District Congressman Doug LaMalfa heard many boos and some cheers at the town hall in Oroville April 17. The Oroville State Theatre hosted a meeting from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Residents from the 1st congressional district, especially those from Butte County, were in attendance for the event. Around...

University police not appreciated by students

University police not appreciated by students

Rachel Reyes

April 15, 2017

The University Police Department and the Chico Police Department both facilitate different needs of the public domain. While the University Police Department focus more on the students they aren't as respected as the Chico Police officers. According to Campus Safety, there are five important ways campus officers differ from a traditional cop, such as those who serve the cit...

Chico scrutinizing binge-drinking too harshly

Photo credit: Chase Falk

Nicole Henson

March 27, 2017

Chico State students are infamous for blurring the line of knowing how much alcohol is too much. While some people attribute binge drinking as a lack self-control, others wonder if they simply value getting hammered. Taking Chico’s party reputation into consideration, it’s safe to assume the thrill...

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