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Attention NFL, we all smoke pot

Sports writer Gabriella Bermudez. Photo credit: George Johnston

Gabriella Bermudez

April 16, 2016

Josh Gordon, Ace Sanders, Demetri Goodson and Jerome Simpson: They are all talented athletes in the NFL, but all four couldn't outrun the fate that the NFL had condemned them with. It's hard to remember that athletes are normal people like you and me. After all they lead a much more lavish life then...

Pathways put student priorities in peril

Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy

March 30, 2014

The ideology that general education is built on is solid: a well-rounded education creates well-rounded individuals who will become well-rounded members of society. This is why everyone has to take a history class.But that wasn't enough for the administrators of the California State University sy...

Genetically modified food damages diet

Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy

March 3, 2014

The average college student's diet may soon be forced to drastically change. The advent of genetically modified organisms and the health risks associated with them have led some consumers to reconsider how they shop at the grocery store. College students should follow their lead. A g...

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