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When school shootings get made into horror movies

Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues

William Rein

February 27, 2016

"Del Playa" is an unreleased horror film directed by Shaun Hart which seems to follow a conventional college, sex and murder Hollywood archetype. It borrows elements from the “youth explodes and kills people” sub genre, ripe with name calling at school and social ostracization. However, distinct fro...

Profiting from the Isla Vista tragedy

Nick Bragg

August 24, 2015

Everyone remembers the tragic May 2014 shootings that took place in the college town of Isla Vista. Students, friends and family members of the victims are still in shock about the deaths of their loved ones. Now just over a year later, Berger Bros., an independent film company, is planning to make a horror film about the shooting.Ell...

Men aren’t entitled to women’s bodies

Illustration by Rachel Dugo.

Veronica De La Cruz

September 1, 2014

  If there's one thing in the world I can't stand, it has to be a catcall. As a young female college student living in Chico, it's become apparent that the only time it's safe to walk through town is with a large group or accompanied by a male. It's outrageous to think women can't even walk down the st...

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Isla Vista shooting