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Chico attempts to break Guinness record

One of many performers at the DownLo. Photo credit: Matthew Manfredi

Matthew Manfredi

April 9, 2016

For a weekday afternoon in downtown Chico, the DownLo is busy, loud and active with people of all ages. The thud of walking bass lines and the bluster of bluesy guitar leads echo over pool tables. As people listen and throw back pints, acoustic guitar cases lean against the bar, and chord progressions...

Humans of Chico State: Judgment

David Mcvicker

January 31, 2015

If there was something you could do without the fear of judgement, what would it be? I would try to make a more positive societal change. Sometimes it is hard to step up and do the right thing because you think it is going too far out of your comfort zone and people might think, 'Oh this guy is just tryi...

Chico Unplugged is finger-pickin’ good

Ashiah Scharaga

February 7, 2014

If you stroll down to Woodstock’s Pizza on Thursday night for the next two weeks you’ll receive a special treat with your Wildcat Combo: some original tunes from local singers and songwriters of all styles. Chico Unplugged, presented by Chico State's School of the Arts Productions, KCSC Radio and Woodstock's Pizza, transformed Woodstock’s Pizza into a rockin ac...

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