Humans of Chico State: Judgment

Brett Obranovich, junior business information systems major with an option in supply chain management, aims to make positive societal change without judgment. Photo credit: David Mcvicker

If there was something you could do without the fear of judgement, what would it be?

I would try to make a more positive societal change. Sometimes it is hard to step up and do the right thing because you think it is going too far out of your comfort zone and people might think, ‘Oh this guy is just trying to do it for attention.’ I think if more people could drop what people think about them and try to actually do the right thing for the good of people, then the world would be a better place, and that is what I would do more of.

Massimo Halterman
Massimo Halterman, junior recording arts and music industry major, is very open to judgment and loves being himself. Photo credit: David Mcvicker

To be honest, it’s actually hard to think of something. I mean, I am out here tabling with My Little Pony plushes on the table. I am the president of the My Little Pony fan club. My fear of being judged went out the window a long time ago. That is the best way to live life — not caring about judgement in the slightest. It is hard at first, but once you do it the feeling is amazing.

Courtney Sharrah
Courtney Sharrah, sophomore environmental science major, would drop out of school and travel the world if she could do anything without judgment. Photo credit: David Mcvicker

I would drop out of school and travel the world. That seems like a more fun and liberating experience. Everyone is always saying ‘Oh you have to go to school just to make a living.’ I just want to see the world.

Chelsey Kalata
Chelsey Kalata, junior exercise physiology major, would be more open about her religion if the world was completely free of judgment. Photo credit: David Mcvicker

I would be much more open about my religion. I am a Christian, non-denomination. I would talk to more people about it. It would be the first thing out of my mouth when I met someone. I would walk up to people and say ‘Hi, I’m Chelsey, and I am a Christian. It is nice to meet you.’

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