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With ‘Vitality,’ Megan Wade’s art captivates viewers

Vitality, now open to the public in the BMU, shows off artist Megan Wade's work. Wade says that art “evokes something in our senses.

Grant Schmieding

October 9, 2018

Tall and slender, dressed in all black, she stands in the back of the gallery, smiling humbly. Guests begin trickling through the doors slowly—she greets many of them as they enter. People move around the room, observing the sizable collection of abstract, colorful oil paintings. Megan Wade, a s...

‘Vitality’ showcases work of student artist

Natalie Hanson

October 4, 2018

A new art showcase in the Bell Memorial Union is spotlighting a student artist with the theme "Vitality" this week.The third floor art gallery of the BMU began hosting the exhibition of "Vitality" by student Megan Wade on Tuesday.Wade is majoring in Arts and her solo exhibition "Vitality" has 23 paintings...

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Megan Wade