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How to survive a PG&E power outage, millennial style

Photo by Robert Wiedemann on Unsplash

Alex Coba

November 12, 2019

So your house or apartment’s power got shut off because PG&E can't get their fecal-matter together. You’re sitting in the dark bored and annoyed and you are desperate for something to do to fill your time. Here is some unsolicited advice on what to do during a blackout by someone wh...

Fallen wires cause power outage in parts of Chico

Fallen wires cause power outage in parts of Chico

Josiah Nicholl

March 27, 2018

Thousands of Chico residents experienced a brief power outage Monday. The incident occurred around noon, affecting those living in the area southwest of the Chico State campus. It was caused by fallen wires, according to PG&E spokesman Paul Moreno. Over 2,200 were affected by the outage. PG&E...

Web outage revives old technologies

Web outage revives old technologies

Mozes Zarate

February 28, 2014

An Internet service outage Thursday forced Chico business owners to resort to old-fashioned technologies.Only businesses using AT&T; Internet services were affected. The outage was caused by a cable cut from a farm construction project near Richvale, wrote AT&T; spokesman Alexander Carey in an email to the Orion.Technicians repaired the cut line and Internet acce...

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