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O face: Drunk sex kills orgasms

Janette Estrada

April 2, 2019

Spring is here and as the trees and flowers are blooming, so to are the birds and the bees.Congrats on attending one of the biggest party schools in California, where alcohol penetrates livers in a rallying call for a good time.Part of the college experience is to have as much fun as possible and fo...

Cesar Chavez weekend sees ramped up crime rate

Illustration by Melissa Joseph

Gordy Papalias

April 2, 2019

Caesar Chavez weekend is supposed to be a time to celebrate the life of Chavez and what he has done for Latino American Civil Rights, but many people choose to celebrate the weekend with extended partying which results in higher levels of crime and violence. A total of 89 arrests were reported by Chico Police Department from Fr...

The scary part of people visiting for Chicoween

Young friends dressed-up in Halloween costumes dancing a party. Photo credit: Getty Images by wundervisuals

Brooke Martin

October 22, 2018

Chicoween has become a Chico State tradition, that is well known by more than just students. Every Halloween, many out of towners come up to celebrate. While this can be great, it also escalates the risks of going out. The scary part isn’t the witches or ghosts, it’s the people out of tow...

Leave the party school reputation behind

Illustration by Darian Maroney

Daisy Dardon

March 15, 2015

Many people know that Chico State was once considered the No. 1 party school in America in a ranking by Playboy magazine in 1986. What some may not realize is that students today are still trying to make Chico State the No. 1 party school. I'm not sure this is the greatest idea. For one, what would futur...

25th anniversary of MasQueerade Ball

25th anniversary of MasQueerade Ball

Zach Aucella

February 9, 2015

[metaslider id=41347]Photographs By Zach AucellaZach Aucella can be reached at [email protected] or @zaucella on Twitter.

Costumes don’t equate to character

Julianna Eveland

October 25, 2014

[View the story "Are skimpy costumes shameful?" on Storify]Leave comments or suggestions to keep the conversation going.Julianna Eveland can be reached at [email protected] or @janeca12 on Twitter....

Convincing parents to choose Chico

Julianna Eveland

March 6, 2014

Party School: “A school known more for its party-loving students than its academics,” as defined by Urban Dictionary. Chico State has done a fine job in parting with this title but we all know it is still referred to as a part school quite frequently. So what impact does this have on parentsR...

Chico State retires party school reputation

Valerie Teegardin

Valerie Teegardin

February 14, 2014

I'm from Vancouver, Wash. and finding people who actually know about Chico State is as rare as seeing sunshine between October and June. If by some tiny chance a Washingtonian does know about Chico, an, "Oh, the party school!" is blurted out as if it's the distinguishing characteristic that defines our colleg...

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