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Clothes during sex aren’t always bad

Emma Vidak-Benjamin // September 14, 2015

Do you ever find yourself sitting around thinking of ways to spice up your sex life or making the whole process more sexy? If you do, then lingerie is your answer.I feel like the term “lingerie”...

Photo credit: Emily Reising

The O-Face: Beware of hickeys

Emma Vidak-Benjamin // August 30, 2015

You wake up the next morning and make your way to the bathroom, peeping at yourself in the mirror when you see those big, dark bruises staring back at you from your neck. That’s right, I’m...

Illustration by J.Q. Hammer.

Wild adventures of a sex columnist reach climax

Sophia Xepoleas // May 10, 2015

“You’re the new sex columnist, right?” I blushed, forcing an uncomfortable smile, and simply replied, “Yes, I am.” While anxiously awaiting my classmate’s response, I couldn’t help...

Upbringing affects romantic relationships

Upbringing affects romantic relationships

Sophia Xepoleas // May 5, 2015

I am at the age where I’m noticing more than ever that people are a direct product of their environment. The way we think, the way we communicate, our beliefs and our morals all stem from our influences. Although...

Sex in society: Stigmas and realities

Sex in society: Stigmas and realities

Sophia Xepoleas // April 19, 2015

I am a female sex columnist for a college newspaper and am fully aware of the implications intertwined with my title. When I tell people what I do, some awkwardly giggle. A few commend me on my willingness...

Morning sex: The best kind of breakfast in bed

Morning sex: The best kind of breakfast in bed

Sophia Xepoleas // April 14, 2015

Your eyes are just starting to open, and your mind is just waking up. You roll around in an attempt to collect your last comfortable moments in bed and decide to indulge in some spoon action with your...

Love and friendships: A balancing act

Love and friendships: A balancing act

Sophia Xepoleas // April 6, 2015

I was head over heels in love. It was finally here, the moment I had been waiting for and never believed would arrive. I was completely enamored with this boy I could now call my own, and nothing else...

Hook-up apps: Taking a swipe at online dating

‘Hook-up’ apps: Taking a swipe at online dating

Sophia Xepoleas // March 31, 2015

I sat in a crowded room full of drunken pickup lines and sexual tension only to find myself fixated on my phone and uninterested in the company surrounding me. It was like a drug, I couldn’t stop....

Illustration by J.Q. Hammer

The road to sexual maturity is a bumpy one

Sophia Xepoleas // January 19, 2015

The beautiful thing about getting older is that you learn to love and respect yourself. Growing up, I was about as unfortunate looking as it gets. I rocked a mean unibrow and a few extra layers...

TJ Carter Photo credit: Annie Paige

The upside of anger: makeup sex

Tj Carter // December 17, 2014

When in a relationship, a couple can hit rough times. An argument can start over something small and escalate into a yelling match in less than five minutes. My wife and I get into small arguments...

The tolls and triumphs of long-distance relationships

Stephanie Schmieding // September 30, 2014

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, “long-distance relationships don’t work,” I would be buying out all of the Costco pizzas I could get my hands on. I’m calling...

Michael Karp Photo credit: Kasey Judge

The O-Face: Stepping from one-night stands to relationships

Michael Karp // March 9, 2014

You wake up in the morning next to a person you’ve just met, attempting to relive the events of the night before.It is at this point that the potential relationship teeters on the edge of a cliff.Whether...

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