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Tree branch trimming ensures student safety

William Johnson and his crew working to trim branches near campus. Photo credit: Yang Dai

Yang Dai

November 11, 2015

During the interval when the rain stopped this Tuesday, a group of workers from a gardening service company began to trim the trees lining up both sides of the city’s entire roads. This was to ensure the tree shape in either side of the roads was up to safety standards.Consecutive days of winds and...

‘Antigone’ thought-provoking, current despite age

Ismene (right, Veronica Hodur) begs Antigone (Krasel Morales) not to break the law in Chico State's School of the Arts production of

Greta Gordon

March 7, 2015

The action and drama of the Greek tragedy, "Antigone," plays with complex ideas of morality. When Chico State’s Department of Music and Theatre chose to stage a Greek tragedy they knew it would be unlike other shows they have done in the past. “Because we’re working in an education department, ...

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