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Playlist: 10 Best Songs used in Action Movies

The song by Queen

Natalie Hanson and Ulises Duenas

October 15, 2018

The right song, combined with the right scene in an action movie, can turn any moment into a classic. Whether by pure skill or a keen sense of sound with scene, there's a reason why some songs are difficult to separate from their iconic use in films like "Kill Bill," "Pulp Fiction" and "The Godfather." He...

‘The Predator’ gets it all wrong

He's gonna shoot something.

Ulises Duenas

September 18, 2018

Making a good "Predator" movie shouldn't be difficult. Just have an alien monster chase a bunch of military dudes around until the coolest one is left alive. "The Predator" feels like three different movie ideas jammed into one and it doesn't pull any of them off well. If you're going to make a "Predator" movie in this d...

“Birth of the Dragon” was a birth of disaster

Ulises Duenas

August 29, 2017

I went into "Birth of the Dragon" expecting to see a fictional Bruce Lee beat up some fictional bad guys. This movie did technically deliver on that promise, but after a while, I realized I was duped. Watching "Birth of the Dragon" was like using a monkey's paw. You might get what you wanted, but it's not ...

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