The Orion

No shame in the solo game

Photo credit: Bobbie Rae Jones

Joann Chevaillier

February 11, 2016

I can still remember the time my mom caught me. I was young, still in elementary school. She came in the bathroom and found me masturbating. I can still see the look of shame and shock she gave me. After collecting herself my mom asked what I was doing. My reply was not an answer but, “It feels go...

HIV/AIDS: The next generation, part 2

Illustration by Trevor Moore

Joseph Rogers

May 10, 2015

I was born at the dawn of the HIV/AIDS crisis, and I ended up testing positive in 2006. Despite medical advances (part one), the social stigmatization of HIV/AIDS still occurs. Stigma and shame Stigma occurs in a dichotomous duo: 1. The desire by some gay men to become infected or to infect ot...

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